Tournament Results for November 13, 2010

Resolved: Developing nations should privatize their water systems.

Download the tournament resolution packet here: Packet.

The CDA would like to thank hosts Amity and Westhill!

28 schools and 340 debaters participated at our November tournaments, making it the largest day ever for CDA.

Congratulations to:
Amity, winner of the varsity final round at Amity
Wilton, winner of the varsity final round at Westhill

The trophy winners and State Final qualifiers can be found here: Trophy Winners.

You can view or download the various result files from each location by selecting from the table below. The file above contains the names of the trophy winners and the teams that went 3-0, including the results of the varsity final round. The files in the table below reflect the results of the three preliminary rounds only.

Result File
Varsity Box Scores
Amity Box Scores
Westhill Box Scores
Varsity Teams
Amity Varsity Teams
Westhill Varsity Teams
Varsity Speakers
Amity Varsity Speakers
Westhill Varsity Speakers
Novice Box Scores
Amity Novice Box Scores
Westhill Novice Box Scores
Novice Teams
Amity Novice Teams
Westhill Novice Teams
Novice Speakers
Amity Novice Speakers
Westhill Novice Speakers

    The abbreviations in the result files are:
  • WINS Number of wins
  • PTS Total points
  • RKS Total ranks
  • OppWn Opposition wins
  • OppPt Opposition points
  • H/L Total points after dropping high and low
  • Rk H/L Total ranks after dropping high and low
  • RND Random number--used as a tie breaker when all esle fails