December 13 Tournament Information

We will be trying out Parliamentary debate at our December tournaments at Amity and Westhill. Coaches should make sure that their debaters understand the new format, speech timings and tournament schedule.

Below are some files explaining Parliamentary format and how it will be conducted in CDA in December. The files are short and can be downloaded for your students. There is also a web site with videos of college Parliamentary debates your students can watch to see how it is done.

Please email us if you have questions: CDA Parli Questions

November 15 Tournament Results

Three-hundred thirty debaters from 34 schools attended our November tournaments at Housatonic Valley Regional High School and New Canaan High School. Thanks to coaches John Lizzi and Kristine Goldhawk for their hospitality openning nearly every room in the schools for debate.

The topic was:

Resolved: The US should increase the availability of economically and socially integrated affordable housing.

The final round at Housatonic Valley was won by the Housatonic Valley team of Sam Bradway and Evan Taylor over the Joel Barlow team of Harrison Von Dwingelo and Will Tower.

The final round at New Canaan was won by the Stamford/Trinity Catholic team of Sam Aldershof and Shannon Rubin over the New Canaan team of Casey Manzella and Jayne Wixtead.

Congratulations to all of our trophy winners. You may view or download the complete November Results, as well as the resolution package.

If you have any questions, email CDA Inquiry and we will do our best to answer you.

October 25 Tournament Results

Forty-one schools and 484 debaters came to our tournaments at AITE, Joel Barlow and Farmington High School. Thanks to coaches Claude Morest, Randy Smith and Joel Nick for their hospitality. This is new attendance record for our October tournaments.

The topic was:

Resolved: Nations should permit secession and self-determination.

The final round at AITE was won by the St. Luke's team of Eliza Posner and Chloe Kekedjian on Negative over the Staples team of Sage Vouse and William Vester.

The final round at Joel Barlow was won by the Joel Barlow team of Michael Lin and Benjamin Ball on Affirmative over the Wilton team of Daniel Jensen and Elliot Conners.

The final round at Farmington was won by the Hamden team of Danielle Brignola and Ebony Thomas on the Negative over the Daniel Hand team of Anthony Xu and Patrick Fahey.

Congratulations to all of our trophy winners. You may view or download the complete October Results, as well as the resolution package.

If you have any questions, email CDA Inquiry and we will do our best to answer you.

Novice Scrimmage Results

We had 158 Novice debaters from 26 schools, as well as 47 Varsity debaters as judges and 15 observers at our fifth annual Novice Scrimmage. Out thanks to Aaron Johnson, the Greenwich High School Debate Team and Greenwich High School, and to Marty Leftoff, the Simsbury High School Debate Team and Simsbury High School for their hard work in hosting this event. The topic was, "Resolved: The West should provide direct military aid to the Ukraine.". We would also like to thank our exhibition round debaters, Greenwich and Joel Barlow at Greenwich and Simsbury and E.O.Smith at Simsbury.

The description, schedule, packet and results can be downloaded from Novice Scrimmage Results page.

Middle School Debate

The Connecticut Middle School Debate League is underway. We had nearly 100 debaters from eight schools at our first events, scrimmages, at Bethel Middle School and Smith Middle School in Glastonbury on November 10 and 12. We expect to hold our first tournamnets at the end of January. If you are interested in being a part of the Middle School League or know someone who is, please email us at Connecticut Middle School League. You can also find more information about the league, debate format and events at the League web site,

State Finals Results

174 debaters from 29 schools competed in this year's State Finals at Wilton High School. Thanks to coach Allison Hujar, the Wilton Debate Team and Wilton High School for hosting us for the fifth consecutive year.

The topic forced debaters to change perspective, as they were required to debate from the point of view of Russian citizens: Resolved: We (Russia) should actively seek to reincorporate those former Soviet territories with a substantial Russian population. Students seemed to welcome the challenge and appreciate the relevance of the subject.

The Varsity final round saw the Greenwich team of Nick Abbott and Rebecca Murray on Affirmative win the State Championship on a 4-1 decision against the Fairfield Warde team of Brandon Campbell and Sara Murphy.

In the Novice division, the Ridgefield team of Margaret Comer and Kate Lindenburg won top honors.

You may view or download the complete March 22 Results, as well as the resolution package.

If you are missing ballots, please contact me, and we will see if we can find them.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us: CDA Tournaments.

Other Debate News

UPenn Liberty Bell Classic, February 14-15, 2015

The University of Pennsylvania will be holding its Liberty Bell Classic high school debate tournament on February 14-15, 2015 with a full range of forensic events. CDA volunteers will be running tab for the Parliamentary Debate division for the third year. It's a great chance to try your skills against a national field. Registration is open now. See UPenn Tabroom for more information.

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